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Accounting is regarded as a bloodline for any company. Whether you are monitoring inventory, recording sales or checking for inconsistencies, you are already applying basic accounting principles. But, of course, qualified accountants have been trained to execute the same procedures but in a more structured, precise and efficient manner. Accounting services include the development of financial services, the preparation of tax returns, tracking of expenditures and revenues, the production of financial records and the provision of business consulting.
They offer business valuation services through auditing, such as long-term planning to acquire fixed assets on the basis of either appreciation or depreciation of your assets and clients. Some accountants may also provide forensic services to businesses facing issues such as fraud.

Briefing of GST Return Filing

A document consisting of each detail related to receipts, payments, GST invoices, and all for a specified period, is particularly known as GST Return. The taxpayers running intrastate or interstate businesses across India become liable to file it on the correct GST return filing date. GSTR forms are used to file returns as suiting to eligibility criteria and slabs.

To get it filled, the taxpayer is obliged to submit the entire data related to every business transaction, like total purchase, sale, ITC, Output GST and all. Then the authorities calculate the tax amount to be paid by the taxpayer by contemplating each detail.

GST Return Filing Benefits

Uniformity of Taxes
It’s a great step towards an integrated economy. It subsumes all central and state taxes into one.

Simpler and Effective
The harmonized tax procedures, laws, and rates have simplified the taxation process with the least compliance costs

Common Procedures
The registration and tax refund procedures are common. Tax systems have greater certainty now with common tax bases.

More Tax Exemption
Either the least tax rate or full exemptions are provided on most of the products and services.

Prevents Cascading of Tax
GST prevents cascading effects with an all-inclusive mechanism of an input tax credit

Uninterrupted Movement of Goods
The products & services are permitted to move across the nation freely and without any interruption.


There are strict measures adopted against tax offenders in case he commits any offense like, non-registering under GST, fraudulently obtaining refunds, submission of fake information, etc. then he is supposed to some penalties. For strict compliance of rules, the government has come up with different penalties for every different offense committed by the taxpayer concerning GST return filling.

Frequently asked Questions?

It’s a statement of a prescribed period regarding the financial activity of a taxable person. It permits self-assessment of tax to the taxable person for a particular period.

Tax is paid first and then return is filled. If anyhow, the return is filed before paying taxes then that return will become invalid.

You can make changes to details that you provided while filing the return but its not possible to revise the whole.
It’s possible to do at the time when you first file return in that particular financial year. You can change the period like monthly, quarterly, etc. only once while filling the first return of that year.
In that case, other methods can be adopted like, getting OTP from a phone number, DSC, PAN information, etc.

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