Income Tax Return Filing


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The easiest way to file an income tax return in Delhi is by relying on us. We cater to all necessities and keep the information secure and safe. Our experts ensure for timely tax payments with complete relevance. We keep the information confidential and take off a whole load of our clients for income tax return filing in Delhi.They offer business valuation services through auditing, such as long-term planning to acquire fixed assets on the basis of either appreciation or depreciation of your assets and clients. Some accountants may also provide forensic services to businesses facing issues such as fraud.

Briefing of Income Tax Return Filing

ITR or Income Tax Return is basically a form that a taxpayer is supposed to file all information on his earned income and tax that is an application to the IT department. On or before the due date, the taxpayer needs to file ITR. There are 7 ITR forms such as ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, ITR4, ITR5, ITR6, & ITR7. The applicability to these forms relies on varied factors such as the amount of income earned, sources of income, category of taxpayer like if he is an individual, company or HUF, etc.

Income Tax Return Filing Benefits

A Help to Government
Filing income tax helps the government in deciding the amount of expenditure for citizens of the country. It helps to create friendly policies and taking favorable decisions for them.

A Valid Income Proof
ITR deems as a valid proof of income whether you are a freelancer, self-employed, etc. It helps you join the corporate world again easily.

A Saver from Penalties
It’s compulsory to file returns for people who earn a specified amount every year. By filing it on time with the help of income tax return consultants in Bangalore, you can get saved from heavy penalties that might get imposed on you otherwise.

Simpler Loans Processes
With a complete and steady income tax return filing record, people can take home loans as it builds up the credibility that helps taking loans easily.

Claiming Adjustments
By having filed income tax returns, one can easily claim adjustments against past losses.

Ease of Getting Credit Cards
By submitting copies of tax returns, one can get a new credit card with ease.


The person whose gross taxable income exceeds the basic limit before deductions but after exemption then he is liable to pay income tax. However, if he doesn’t do or file the return late then he has to pay penalties. He becomes liable to pay monetary penalties for non-filing of a return. CA for tax filing in Bangalore can save you from becoming liable to penalties.

Frequently asked Questions?

We service all size businesses; however, our main focus is on SMBs (Small to Midsize Businesses).
Yes, we will set up each individual business with its own accounting file.
It would depend on various factors. We will be delighted to have a quick consultation to provide tailored financial advice for your new company, but at a high level, you need three things: a strategic plan, clear accounting records and expert advice.

There’s no limit on doing so till a one-year time limit gets expired.

You have 100% control of all money and the decision on how it is used or invested. You decide what individuals and which vendors get paid. We provide the data, but you approve all invoices for payment and sign all checks.

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